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Dang. I just got a copy if finale and was gonna start playing around with it. Is there anything else out there that us better?

It’s a two-horse race: Finale vs. Sibelius. Finale was recommended to me by a friend I trust,  so I got it. I can’t really tell you which is better, since I never used Sibelius. I think Steve has—maybe he can chime in.

I believe they both have free trial periods…I’d evaluate both. They’re not cheap.

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  1. quixotekid said: I think Sibelius was going under and Finale just purchased what was left. At least that is what I can glean from a quick search. Hurray for monopolies.
  2. steelopus said: I’d put it this way: Finale is to Windows XP as Sibelius is to Mac OS X… or… Finale is to Android as Sibelius is to iOS. Both are extremely functional, but only one is designed to work logically and look beautiful while doing it.
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