Kashmir // Led Zeppelin

I’m gonna see if I can get these guys to guest star on the premiere my new show, Bring the RAWK (working title).

Seriously: behold the greatest rock band of all time and the greatest rock singer of all time, a man who was 60 freaking years old at the time this was filmed.

I don’t even, I can’t even, wut?

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    And I still have the original vynal, no turntable, but hey?
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    shadowandflame: I was fortunate enough to see this tour as it passed through Kansas City…[edit] I was thinking of the No...
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    Turn this a little louder….
  10. lefauxfrog said: Nice to them in such great form.
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  12. do-over said: Just *look* at those 60 year-old tresses. I just …. I am in awe. I thought rock and roll was supposed to have deleterious affects on them all?
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    Good. Got. Damn.
  14. steelopus said: Hey John, can you take a call? Freddy Mercury is on Line 1… (Not arguing… just playing Devil’s advocate.)
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