Truthful Tuesday

Before you post yet another thing on Facebook about how your kid is kicking ass in school (or sports or dance or violin or the stock market), please think for a few milliseconds about the kids who aren’t, and their parents.

Then go ahead and post it anyway; it’s your kid and your Facebook and you should celebrate accomplishment as you see fit. I’m just asking you to think first.

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  1. naimhejeanne said: Of course not cuz my kid is a 26 yr old, perpetually unemployed loser who sounds like he’s from the deep south & should be eating pig rinds & missing all of his teeth. You can tell him I said so; he’ll think it’s funny. And then he’ll pick his butt.
  2. abundanceofcalm said: My kid eats ice cream cones like a boss.
  3. lilykily said: Are we FB friends? We are, right?
  4. ungracefulme said: I like to celebrate their ridiculously dumb moments with the ones I’m proud of, too.
  5. jewlesthemagnificent said: I always have to wonder how much of those statuses is genuine pride and how much is living vicariously. Then of course there are those who just think of their kids as living trophies. At least they give a shit. So many don’t. At all.
  6. tonimclellan said: I always do. But I also think of not dimming my light so others can shine, and when my kids struggle and then achieve, that should be celebrated. I am okay with being their champion. And I’m sensitive to other families’ needs.
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