What’s up with the random sideways, stretched pictures in the dash? Has anyone contacted them? Is this a thing?

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  1. jewlesthemagnificent said: I tried. Have heard nothing. Not surprised.
  2. janetisserlis said: sideways
  3. steelopus said: It’s uber lame.
  4. lafix said: It doesn’t happen in TPlus. Just sayin’.
  5. ungracefulme said: FUNHOUSE TUMBLR. Blame Missing-e
  6. mathcat345 said: It is the fun house side of Tumblr, as far as I can tell. Seems to happen to folk who post photos from their phones. It adds a touch of surrealism to the Tumblr experience.
  7. monkeyfrog said: Oh, it’s a thing alright. I wish I knew the common denominator.
  8. scholvin posted this