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  1. lindstifa said: IT’S ALIVE
  2. donthenerd said: Big deal, the integration test passed. Now you have to jump through the eleventy-gillian hoops that management throws up before you can ship. Not to mention the new feature requests. Jerks. Also, I may be working too much.
  3. goestoeleven said: HERO, etc.
  4. ungracefulme said: Wait. ZOMBIE RUDOLPH. I’m an idiot
  5. fancyglasses said: Bravo. You won!
  6. wholenewera said: Well played reindeer. Well played. (Nice job.)
  7. iamjustcara said: Behold the Christmas resurrection
  8. angryoldcoot said: IT’S MY PATRONUS
  9. do-over said: VICTORY
  10. houseofjules2 said: Not only did you get it working again, but you already have it working out with weights! Nicely done!
  11. mathcat345 said: Another successful surgery! Well done, Doctor!
  12. bananacasts said: IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE