Thurl Ravenscroft - You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
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You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch // Thurl Ravenscroft

I just bought a bunch of Christmas music on Amazon - got 100 classics for $0.99 and 100 pop for $5. I had decided I was going to force myself into the spirit, listening to this lot while I put the lights on the tree I bought yesterday. Mission is to have that done when the kids get home from school so they can put the ornaments on.

While I was waiting for the downloads, I saw some reference to a popularity contest that’s going on somewhere around these parts. Mercifully, that shit almost always seems to happen one step beyond my borders. But I was curious, so I googled, and found it.

And now I want to go back to bed and stay there for three days.

Fucking humbug, man.

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  1. quixotekid said: My favorite Christmas song. By far.
  2. elizabite said: I am on the periphery of that too, but I’m not looking for more information. It’s that bad, huh?
  3. embracethelost said: This actually did more to put me in the christmas spirit than any other carol so far, so thank you for that.
  4. apricotica said: The reason it’s barely on your radar is that no one who’s even a little cool has anything to do with it.
  5. 5by5kevin said: I wouldn’t touch that Tumblr HS Poll with a 39 and a half foot pole.
  6. halfbakedidea said: Its a dumb high-school style poll. And I hated high school. Not being in high school was the best time of my life.
  7. scholvin posted this