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Leo On Ice - Overture (demo) // me

Here’s the very rough (no drums, mistakes not fixed) demo I created for the Overture to Leo On Ice. This is a one-take performance I did using Logic, to get the ideas together and make sure Tony was OK with it. From here, I transcribed this into Finale and generated the parts that would be used in performance like everything else. The Finale horn and string samples blow Logic’s away, but I didn’t have time to figure out how to use them here. That’s on my TODO list for the next project when I’m not so rushed.

Like all overtures, it’s a kind of highlight reel of the pieces to come in the larger work. They are, in order of appearance here (different order in the show):

  1. "Leave My Name On The Door"
  2. "Leo On Ice"
  3. "Paul’s Lament"
  4. "Leo On Ice" (a different part)
  5. "What Would Leo Do?"
  6. "A Whole New Leo"

(Whole lotta Leo there.) Once we get the real recording done (TBD) I’ll post that, too. The difference between this and that will be striking.

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