My day started with a barely literate threat to be sued.

How’s yours going?

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  1. sunnybucket said: Dude, I consider myself a failure if I don’t get one of those a week.
  2. naimhejeanne said: Well so far no one has threatened to sue me for anything so I’d say it’s going pretty well.
  3. monkeyfrog said: Woke up again. Still freaking out. Good otherwise. Sun’s shining, so there’s that.
  4. do-over said: Meh. Vehicle repo. Same dif.
  5. tbridge said: Mine involves Comcast and an appointment. Yeah, it’s about as good.
  6. steelopus said: Did Randy Newman call and accuse you of ripping him off?
  7. almostfancynancy said: What happened?
  8. pocketcuntents said: Swell. And I was hoping for better than yesterday.
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