A couple of weeks ago, I sat here one evening looking at tumblr, and realized I’d lost my voice. Or, more correctly, I was sick of hearing my own voice. Still am. It’s not quite writer’s block, since I have plenty of thoughts (and non-thoughts) to share. It’s more like a big wave of self-awareness crept over me and just, bleh. Maybe I’ll get over it soon. Maybe this will help.

It seems like a year worth reflecting on. So much happened for/to me, most of it good. (To those of you eagerly shoving 2012 out the door, I hope you won’t take that as insensitive or gloating. I’ve had those years, too, and surely will again. Based on the current health of my extended family, 2013 seems likely to land on the other side of the ledger.)

The headline events for the year were in the fourth quarter. I quit my job with no real plan for a new one, and filled the time (somewhat unintentionally) by having a key role in making a big-budget musical come to life on one of the most famous stages in the country. Truly unforgettable, on the short list of the most amazing experiences of my entire life.

As far as walking away from my career goes, I’m still not exactly sure what comes next. I am starting to get that machine rebooted (though in a different configuration), and hope to have some building blocks in place over the next couple of weeks.

Other entries in the Good Things pile:

There’s a Bad Things pile to go with the Good Things, but it doesn’t seem worth enumerating them. I’ll simply say that entropy is a bitch, man. The universe works to break down order, to increase randomness, and it is a constant effort to counter it. And sometimes we lose that fight, no matter how hard we or others try. It will get us all and it will get everything we build, guaranteed. We have such a brief time here. It really is to be cherished with the ones we love, doing things that matter. That’s really all I’m aiming for in 2013.

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  1. jennipur said: Wow, you have had a great year! I love when people share their happiness…Hope the next one is even better:)
  2. lmcg-e said: I hope 2013 brings you that time to cherish with your family and continue to explore your career and creativity. All best wishes to you and your family for the year ahead.
  3. janetisserlis said: happy new year, John, to you and all the ones you love. xo
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