"Writing in C++ again is like making biscuits. But the simple baking procedure is preceded by growing the wheat, which entails clearing the farmland, digging a well, defending it against the native hordes, establishing irrigation and a working agrarian economy, buying a bunch of fertilizer, plowing the field behind a great big smelly ox, planting the seeds, waiting all winter while the wolves howl outside your cabin, THEN (buried amongst all the templatified, exception-safe and const-driven madness) writing a kernel of meaningful code. Wait, what was I doing? Building a tectonically secure infrastructure for feeding billions of people, or just making biscuits for breakfast? It’s hard to remember after all that epic bullshit."


Landon Dyer. (via actionaad)

I bet Dyer had time to whine write that down while his managed language app was collecting garbage.

You make your biscuits, I’ll be over here making money.

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