Bee Gees - Nights On Broadway
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Nights On Broadway // Bee Gees

I’m striking the term “guilty pleasures” from my vocabulary. Because guilt is a stupid emotion, especially in this context. I like the music I like unabashedly from now on. And that includes the Bee Gees.

This is one of my favorites, catching them right on the cusp of the disco era. Still plenty of their unique funk/R&B thing (trigger warning: cultural appropriation) going on in 1975, but you can hear clearly what was to come next, too. Here are just some of awesome things happening here:

  • Absolutely pornographic wah-wah rhythm guitar (panned to your left speaker).
  • Robin still on lead vocals, with that really fast, quivering vibrato of his. Maurice and Barry were getting their falsetto on (I think Barry is panned right?) in the choruses in a kind of call-and-response thing. You can almost see them listening back to this, saying, “this falsetto thing is working, maybe we can sell a couple records that way.”
  • Big, fat Moog lines throughout.
  • Really great, unexpected chord changes. Even though the bridge feels like it was flown in from some other song, it works.
  • And of course, images of The Barry Gibb Talk Show called to mind. (JT losing his shit = SNL at it’s best.)

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  1. kfedup said: Oh lordy, I’d never seen that one before - hilarious.
  2. do-over said: You had me at big fat Moog lines. Do with me what you will. Just, please, I beg you: be gentle.
  3. fancyglasses said: One of my favorites!
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