1. It wasn’t Yoko who broke up The Beatles. It was recording The White Album the way they did.
  2. The VIX dropped under 13 today for the first time in years, and last year the market showed some of the lowest volatility on record. Translation: this rat jumped off a sinking ship at the best possible time.
  3. That said, I had fun trading Apple options this week. I can see why gambling is addictive.
  4. Among the places that have more total snow this “winter” than Chicago: Tuscaloosa, Raleigh, and London. We have 1.3” on the season so far. There’s none to speak of in the 10-day forecast, either.
  5. Fuck Quinoa. It feels like bugs in my mouth. Disgusting.

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  1. almostfancynancy said: SO tired of hearing about Apple. I blame someone who lives in my house.
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