Fountains of Wayne - A Road Song
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A Road Song // Fountains of Wayne

My first commandment of rock and roll songwriting is: Thou Shalt Not Complain About Being A Rock Star. Too many of us tried too hard for too long and ended up with nothing to show for it except giant chunks of our lives burned away en route to a miserable job in a cubicle farm. So, fuck you, griping rock star. If it sucks so much, let’s trade. Didn’t think so.

It’s also just lame. Writing about life on the road is actually quite interesting, or can be when done well. Case in point, this effort from the experts at writing about, well, pretty much anything, actually, so maybe it’s not fair to compare.

Anyway: this.

I bought you a light blue T-shirt last night
From some band I couldn’t stand, but their logo’s all right

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  2. steelopus said: Check out the Adam Schlesinger episode of WTF with Marc Maron. It provides an interesting insight into the motivations of this band.
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