What I Need

A wallmount phone for the visually impaired, with an enormous, bright-like-the-sun LED caller ID display and huge buttons. That, then, has to pair wirelessly to a desktop speakerphone which has a small number of large, programmable speed dial/answer buttons for someone with extremely limited manual dexterity.

All this has to be plug and play, since the people using it have the technical facility of plankton and the guy who has to fix it lives an hour away.

This doesn’t exist, of course. At any price.

Seriously wondering if I should scrap my previous ideas about my next business and build these instead.

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  1. pocketcuntents said: Have you been in touch w the regional low-vision services? You might be surprised by the adapted tech they have available.
  2. jennipur said: insert “shut up and take my money gif.”.
  3. kimmortal said: From a position of familiarity: Do it. Do it for all of us, hero.
  4. stupon said: our caller id talks but lacks the rest of what you need.
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