Question for dog people

We are dog sitting my brother-in-law’s dog for a few days. Izzy (guest) is tiny and is used to having her food out all day, nibbling when she likes. Jake (mine) is huge and wolfs his food down in two big meals per day. I can’t leave Izzy’s food out the way she is used to, or Jake will take it. He is also 13 and very set in his ways.

Separate them for large periods of time? Will she adapt and eat bigger meals when hungry? Other ideas?

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  1. embracethelost said: could you separate them? Put her in a smaller room, or a lower level and keep her food out all day?
  2. elizabite said: Hmm. Good question. Unfortunately I have no answer.
  3. halfbakedidea said: Sepetate them. The other dog feels subjugated. She needs to feel food secure.
  4. kalamazu said: Put Izzi’s food in a place that is only accessible to a very small dog.
  5. notactuallyme said: Izzy and Jake sounds like a used-to-be-romantically-involved-but-now-they’re-just-buddies serio-comic cop flick a la Lethal Weapon or some shit.
  6. do-over said: I’d say the advice you’ve gotten so far is perfect.
  7. monkeyfrog said: I’d put him in a closed room several times a day to let her have at it. She’ll be okay.
  8. lindstifa said: Separate and what she doesn’t eat after 20 minutes you take it away. Try again a few hours later. She’ll eat it when she understands you control the food supply.
  9. digthecat said: I’d imagine that any dog which is used to free feeding will still be able to go for periods without food. Might get a bit whiney about the idea, but even if she got 4-6 meals a day it’s easier to separate them for those shorter eating periods, right?
  10. divergent-one said: No idea. I’m still a “new” dog person.
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