1. Tea nauseates me. I would like another warm beverage besides coffee sometimes, especially when sick, but tea always makes me queasy. Brown, green, black, herbal: no bueno. Had my last cup yesterday.
  2. I unfollowed someone on twitter for the first time maybe ever today. I have a high tolerance for bad content and questionable behavior there, so I always let it scroll by. Everyone’s got a limit, though.
  3. I only watch sports, news, and news about sports on TV. I wish I liked all the sitcoms and serial dramas and reality shows that everyone posts about, but they do nothing for me. None of them.
  4. I blame the LOST finale for the dramaphobia. I invested my heart and soul in that show for all those years and the last half hour of that finale absolutely destroyed me. You don’t get to invalidate my entire investment like that. Never again. It’s why I’m more than a little nervous about what JJ Abrams will do to Star Wars. Will the whole arc end up being an ewok’s fever dream?
  5. Having a young dog around has been both great and kind of sad. The kids love her energy and play with her all the time. Jake, meanwhile, has always been old and lazy during their lives and they don’t have much of a relationship with him. I find myself rubbing his head while they play with Izzy and saying, “It’s OK, buddy. I remember.”

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  1. goestoeleven said: I agree with you about tea. Just can’t do it. As for TV, sports and food shows is about all I do. A few of comedies (Parks & Rec, 30 Rock, Happy Endings) now and then. No drama shows.
  2. steelopus said: I never liked tea until I tried Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea. Give it a shot sometime if you’re into pineapple. I take it with a bit of honey.
  3. ungracefulme said: What about maybe warm apple cider or something similar OR HELLO HOT CHOCOLATE
  4. monkeyfrog said: The Good’s next album: An Ewok’s Fever Dream
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