Does it ever happen to you that you become aware of your footprint?

I don’t mean carbon. I mean something more like your fundamental presence in the universe. The dent you make in space-time. The space you take up, the heat you create, the resources you’ve consumed on your way to the point you’re at when you realize it.

But I don’t mean just physics, either. I mean a sudden awareness of your metaphysical being, too. The networks in which you are a node or an edge. Relationships. Others whom you’ve influenced, and been influenced by. The change you have created and absorbed.

Like you can be driving along and just suddenly have this moment of, damn, I am part of all of this and it’s all part of me. In an instant, you become aware of your ass in the seat and remember the heart you broke in 1983. You think of the pig who died for your breakfast and see the heat rising off the hood of the car. You consider the trajectories your children’s lives will take after you’re gone, and maybe their children’s, while considering the paths of ancestors who died long before you were born yet influenced the people who influenced you.

No, it’s not about being high. I’m too old for that shit.

It’s neither a pleasant nor unpleasant realization. It’s not the weepy, in-the-moment blissing out that Echkart Tolle sells, nor is it some metallic, burdensome “I am just dirt” nihilism. It’s just a gripping, consuming, possibly lasting-for-several-minutes feeling of connectedness and connecting. It’s organic and fleeting, ephemeral, but it does leave a slight hangover, a borderline unpleasant taste in the mouth.

You became aware of your hereness for a little while and you’re not sure whether you’re a net positive or negative in hundreds of dimensions, but you’re damn sure you moved the needle.

Does it ever happen to you?

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  1. do-over said: Yes.
  2. iamjustcara said: *shivers up my spine*
  3. kellydeal said: yes.
  4. rick2u reblogged this from scholvin and added:
    reb-ellious: This happens to me somewhat regularly now because I have learned to make it happen when I want to. But I...
  5. lmcg-e said: Yup. Now and again, it’s odd, I am never more aware of my mortality than those flashes of being ultra-aware of being part of living. I feel in my surroundings and yet separate from them at the same time. I’m glad it doesn’t last long.
  6. monkeyfrog said: I rarely feel I affect anything/anyone else though rationally I know that can’t be true. But I am so aware of the weird little ways internet people have changed my life. You, for instance. Something happens almost daily that makes me think Scholvin.
  7. rick2u said: Yep. Somewhat regularly. The first time freaked me out, kinda.
  8. steelopus said: Somewhat often, actually.
  9. tonimclellan said: YES
  10. apricotica said: Absolutely. And you just described it beautifully.
  11. kimalah said: Yes, last time was at lunch today.