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Couldn’t Stand The Weather // The Good

Here’s a rarity, a deep cut, something from the archives. </big radio voice>

Every Halloween, The Good would do a special show where we would only play covers, and they had to be by dead artists. We’d be in costume as dead artists, too. This one year—maybe 1999?—I went as Stevie Ray. They let me sing this one. It was just me, John, and Dave for this one…Tony and Devin left the stage to us so we could get a more accurate Double Trouble rendition working.

This is an extremely, um, honest recording. Plenty of flaws, but, what the heck, let’s take a risk today. This might be the only recording on Earth where I am happier with my vocal performance than I am with my guitar work.

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  1. tonimclellan said: This is so great!
  2. jennipur said: Solid! You’ve got a great voice too!
  3. do-over said: Have you ever *not* bitched about the weather?
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