Tony Rogers - Show You How
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Show You How // Tony Rogers

I’m really pleased with the way this turned out. We had a ton of fun recording this, banging it out in just a few takes, and I think it comes through. Be listening for it if you’re watching the Westminster show.


Devin Arkin: background vocals
John Goodman: drums
Steve Kouba: piano, background vocals
Tony Rogers: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Dave Rothkopf: bass
John Scholvin: lead guitar, background vocals

Recorded by Manny Sanchez at I.V. Labs, Chicago

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  1. kellydeal said: Every time we see the commercial we go CHA CHING! And think of you.
  2. thisistheglamorous said: Heard it on the tvs!
  3. steelopus said: Dude. Your David Gilmour is jealous that your Brian May is shining through on this track. Great playing, as always.
  4. scholvin posted this