Dear headhunters, prospective employers, and potential investors:

Hello. I see you’ve found my tumblr. I use a web tracking application and I see your visits. I’ve noticed a number of you dropping by over the last little while. I’m aware that this enterprise appears on the first page of results when you enter my name in any of the search engines, so your presence isn’t too surprising. You’re doing due diligence, and good on you.

Be advised: I am fully responsible for all the content that I have posted here. Whether it’s my original content or something I reblogged, I feel that it represents my point of view fairly. It is often very personal. It’s sometimes humorous, or intended to be, and that humor often involves hyperbole and other dramatic techniques. And while it is occasionally profane, it is never hurtful, bigoted, or pornographic. I offer no apologies or disclaimers.

So, if you have perused these pages and decided that you are no longer interested in procuring my services as a result, you have actually done me a favor. Because if you have reached any sort of negative judgement on my character based on the words and images you see here, rest assured that there is no way I wanted to work with you, either.

John Scholvin

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  1. monkeyfrog said: I love you like whoa.
  2. ashamedtosay said: New work googled me in a hot minute. They did not find my tumblr, but they did find my marathon and race times.
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  4. jennipur said: snap.
  5. houseofjules2 said: Team Scholvin!
  6. tonimclellan said: Hero.
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