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Slip On Through // JT/BT

I’ve been waiting WEEKS to share these.

Last night, we celebrated the 40th birthday of my friend Dave Rothkopf. It was a surprise party in the traditional way, but also in another, much more unusual way.

See, Dave was the bass player for The Good, and a very good one. But in bands before and after ours, he was also a prolific and very talented songwriter. So his friend Seth, who once spent a summer as our roadie while he was in rabbinical school (how awesome is that?), had a really great idea: what if he got Dave’s musical friends—and we are legion—to record an album of covers of songs that Dave wrote, and presented it to him at his birthday?

We started talking about this all the way back in August. Everyone was ALL OVER this idea. Seth ended up with 16 tracks on the CD, entitled “Tooth Decay”, a reference to one of Dave’s nicknames. (Another nickname is “D-Train”, which you’ll hear in the track.) Seth actually had CD’s pressed, with artwork and liner notes. Old school. We presented the CD to Dave at the party last night. His mind was completely blown, as was mine. I worked on 3 of the 16 tracks, and hadn’t really heard the rest until last night. What a shockingly talented bunch of motherfuckers, man. This record has everything from classical to electronica. So great to be part of the project, such a great night.

So, today I’ll post the 3 that I worked on. On this first one, “Slip On Through,” we were going for an AC/DC sound, which, yeah, I think we got. We recorded this at this funky little studio out in Lombard called Crystall Recorders. I didn’t even know it was there; it’s in the middle of a residential block and has a great history that would make for another full length post at some point. The room had a fantastic vibe, a really talented engineer, and four musicians who drank a ton of heavy beers and created this from start to finish in one evening. We’d finished the basic track and it was near midnight when Tony started singing. I thought, wow, he’s tired and drunk and is this gonna work? And of course, because AC/DC! Tired and drunk!

JT/BT is:

John Scholvin: guitar, vocals
Tony Rogers: vocals, guitar
Blake Cooper: drums, vocals
Tad Santos: bass, vocals

(JT/BT. Get it?)

Recorded by Bryan Clavey at Crystall Recorders, Lombard.

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