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The Great Debate // The Good(ish)

Final entry of today’s three-part series. There were a lot of solo efforts and a lot of ad hoc groups for the project, which was what Seth was gunning for. But The Good wanted to contribute as a band, too, or at least as much as we could without our bass player. We recruited our friend Chris Posdal of The Daytonics to fill in, and he did so ably. He also did the art direction for the CD and booklet.

We took on another song Dave wrote for Down The Line, “The Great Debate”, and turned it on its head. DTL was all about acoustic pop and great harmonies, and The Good was more about hitting you in the head with loud guitars and great harmonies. That’s what we did here, hopefully.

Again, I’m very happy with the performance and arrangement. But the thing that makes this particularly special for me is that I recorded and mixed the whole thing. I’ve tried that before and gotten some shaky results, but this one turned out much, much better. We did the tracking at Goodman’s house in his basement, running the mics into a Mackie Onyx 1640i mixer, which has great preamps and also happens to be a 16-channel firewire interface. I ran that rig (6 drum mics, 2 guitars, bass direct, scratch vocals) straight into my MBP running Logic. Later, everyone came over to my house and we did the vocal overdubs in my basement. That was interrupted briefly when Danny was bouncing a tennis ball on the floor above our heads and I had to ask him to stop…recording with kids around has hazards.

Anyway. I’m really happy with the performance, but this one feels extra special to me because it’s the first time I’ve engineered a full band recording and had it sound good.


Devin Arkin: lead vocals
John Goodman: drums
Chris Posdal: bass
Tony Rogers: rhythm guitar, vocals
John Scholvin: lead guitar, keyboards, vocals

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