A fitting end to this day

Standing in my driveway, shivering, fingers fumbling and stiff, disconnecting the battery of my ten-year-old car because some bug in its internal computer won’t turn the interior lights off and I don’t know how else to stop them.

Tomorrow’s fitting start, then, will be reconnecting that battery, probably in an icestorm, so I can drive it—interior lights ablaze!—to the dealer where I will get a $500 rodgering for them to reset a computer that is 1/100000 as sophisticated as my phone.

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  1. do-over said: A $500 rogering better include an Around The World.
  2. rick2u said: That sucks. You can’t remove the bulbs from the interior lights? I would think that would be easier than disconnecting the battery.
  3. houseofjules2 said: Fuck this shit. So sorry, John.
  4. pocketcuntents said: I had a friend whose husband invented & sold something for BMWs so that consumers could do that for themselves. He did quite well.
  5. christinamused said: Boo.
  6. allisonunsupervised said: Unheartable.
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