Ryan pointed out that I have fired the torpedoes at a badly written piece of satire, and that Moltz is an OK guy normally. I’ll take his word for it, because I did read the piece, and I guess I’m thick because I didn’t know what the hell Moltz was talking about or which side he was taking. So I chose to respond to the quote as is, in the context I had, which is none.

In any case, two things:  

  1. I hope I made it clear that I have no beef with those who posted it before me (Ryan and Kelly, possibly others). My beef is with a straw man, apparently, and I will crush that fucker without mercy, like I do.
  2. I stand by what I said. If there IS any non-straw person out there who is taking the position of that quote, and I rather suspect there is, they are welcome to show up for spring soccer which starts in a couple of weeks and tell me exactly how I should handle it. I’ll post pictures of that, too.

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  2. janetisserlis said: I’d read it from the point of view that there are times when documenting a thing mediates our experience of whatever it is - kids, friends, whatever; saw the “ego” thing;mostly made me think about how busy we get making the picture w/out *seeing* it
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