I don’t know how you web people do this every day.

If the current state of the art in transportation were as advanced as CSS, we’d still be pulling cargo on sleds, awaiting the invention of the wheel.

This is an atrocity. It’s not OK. We nerds in the back room who use real languages are going to keep making fun of you until you fix your shit. Demand better. Have some self-respect.

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  1. lefauxfrog said: I don’t disagree. Layout capabilities are shit. Still, I enjoy the informal nature of it all.
  2. morrowplanet said: I want to punch myself in the ballsac for even saying this, but have you looked into SASS or LESS ?
  3. tiffanyb said: The difference between front-end languages and back-end languages is that front-end languages have to get hammered out and argued over by a committee of neckbeards on a mailing list for 5 years before the standard can be published.
  4. sblaufuss said: AMEN
  5. scholvin posted this