Three Dog Night - Shambala
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Shambala // Three Dog Night

My brain went a long way to get to this song this morning. The journey included stops at two Facebook status updates by women a continent apart who do not know each other, a second pot of coffee that’s one scoop shy of a load, remembrances of a favorite TV show gone horribly wrong, and the sun in my eyes.

Sometimes it’s not the journey, but it is, in fact, the destination.

Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
We’re on the road to Shambala

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  1. donewithfish said: Awesome.
  2. flanneryflann said: Places my brain went while listening: 1) sitting in front of a sunny window playing this on 8-track, 2) riding in my hippie aunt’s Subaru Brat with this blasting, 3) curled up in an ugly chair reading The Stand.
  3. twoyellows said: A truly magnificent song.
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