He’s nine and that is older than most for this milestone, but he’s got his reasons for getting here when he did. Today was a really big day.

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  1. jab1134 said: Fantastic…Congrats to Dan!
  2. houseofjules2 said: This is great! There’s no stopping him now!
  3. mathcat345 said: One of the BEST feelings ever for a kid! Yay!
  4. flanneryflann said: Wooohooooo!
  5. ungracefulme said: Awesome. Now please come teach Cameron how to ride a bike (not even kidding)
  6. thisistheglamorous said: The best!
  7. morrowplanet said: Congrats!
  8. thechristaland said: Isn’t it just the greatest thing? Thank you for sharing. This made my day.
  9. ashamedtosay said: SO AWESOME! Nine was just shy of Nine when she got it too.