A half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk.

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a half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk
The dB's - Think Too Hard
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Think Too Hard // The dB’s

Mentally—and photographically, apparently—I’m spending a lot of time in the mid-80’s right now.

When you say “80’s music,” most people think of synthy/kitschy gunk played by English fops. Style (sartorial, not musical) trumped talent. If only Simon LeBon had spent as much time finding pitches as he did on his makeup. You know what I mean.

But for me, the 80’s were kind of the Golden Age of jangle pop. Just strum that guitar and let me hear the snares shake on 2 and 4, please. 

One good thing about the Grammys®©™℠ broadcast every year is that it actually makes me feel better about my commercially failed music career.

I cannot relate to a single thing that is happening here. If success means doing what these people are doing, then surely I’m better off not having had any to speak of.

I am OK with this.

Great Moments in UX

The nifty javascript thing at the bottom of pages like twitter and tumblr and facebook which helpfully automatically loads the next page when you scroll to the bottom of the page? And you do this maybe a coupla dozen times some gray Saturday morning since you follow a lot of people and stuff? And then you click on a link that takes you somewhere else?

And then you click on the Back arrow, and you’re back at the top of the original social site and you have to go through the “Loading next page” experience a coupla dozen more times to get back to where you were?