A half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk.

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a half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk

Go Go // The Bradburys

Gratuitous Music Video Saturday is a thing or should be. I have lots of new followers who may not know that there’s more to me than thrice-weekly tumblr posts of sarcastic bullet points.

Here’s me (on the left, which is stage right, The More You Know™) from about 2 years ago with The Bradburys, doing our power pop thing on a big stage. It’s a cool video, shot by a local TV station with a full 4-camera treatment. If you like straight-ahead rock and loud guitars, or just want to see me make guitar face, give a click.

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Gratuitous guitar solo Wednesday, why not.

I’m working on a track remotely with a friend of mine, sending audio files back and forth via Dropbox and debating them in email. We live in the future, man.

I’ll post the whole song after he mixes it and it’s done, but here’s some of my contribution in the meantime.

Touch The Sun // Big Picture

This was my band in 1987. Under the aegis of Northwestern’s Niteskool Project, we recorded this song and then made this video.

The audio sounds pretty good, but the video transfer from film to 1” tape to VHS to 20+ years in a closet to YouTube leaves a bit to be desired. You should still be able to experience the 80’s jumping right out of the screen and getting all over your shirt, though.

And yeah, I totally carped that main guitar lick in the choruses from Andy Summers. He never sued.

The Good - Tinky McVieux
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Tinky McVieux // The Good

I don’t usually go the commercial route here, but I’ll make an exception today and point out that one of my bands, The Good, is doing our pseudo-annual reunion show on Saturday, February 5, at Martyrs in Chicago. It’d be great to see you there.

This is the band I was in from about 1994-2000, the most successful (in the tallest midget sense) of the fifty or so bands I’ve been in. We toured around the midwest quite a bit, got to NY and LA a few times. We generally had a very good time trying to be rock stars even though we were already about ten years too old at the time and neither pretty nor ugly enough to compete, if that makes sense.

"Tinky McVieux," here, is the opening track of our most acclaimed and successful CD release, Milky White. It got a little bit of college radio play in 1997. The disc was recorded at CRC and at Tony’s apartment (listen for his dog barking on the track), and distributed regionally by Whitehouse Records. I’m pretty proud of it.

Anyway, if you’re local and so moved, it’d be good (haha) to see you at Martyrs. We’ve been doing this show there every winter for about five years now. Here we are, fully glistening, post-gig a couple of years ago. 

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I Love It When It Snows // The Bradburys

Since warriormcpoet posted his own musical self today, I will, too. Also like him, I’ve got background vocals on this track. Guitar, too, of course.

This is from a Christmas compilation we did back in 2002 to raise money for research for Von Willebrand disease, which afflicts our lead singer’s daughter. Lots of local bands donated songs for it, most of which were recorded at their own expense. People invested real time and real dollars to help out a virtual stranger’s kid.

It was one of those faith-restoring exercises for me. Most people in fact do not suck.

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Peach Tuxedo // The Good

My friend Allison suggested I should share more of my music. I think she’s right; if nothing else, I think it’s more illustrative and representative than a weekly gratuitous picture of myself.

So here is “Peach Tuxedo” by The Good. This recording is from a set of demos that were slated to become our third full length CD until I “quit” the band. They went on to write and record a new CD without me, then much later they released these demos as a compilation called “What Are You Saving It For?” based on a lyric from this song. Don’t be put off by the term “demo,” these actually sound really good.

Make me your date for the prom
But then let’s skip the prom
And head straight for the back roads