A half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk.

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a half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk
Ludo - Love Me Dead
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Love Me Dead // Ludo

Sometimes, you know a band is a one-hit wonder in real time. Even as you’re watching their first single be a big success, you know it’s their last one, too. Doesn’t make it any less fun.

Cool guitar solo, too.

Just Got Paid // Joe Bonamassa

Good morning. Here is another entry in an occasional series entitled “Guitarists You’ve Never Heard Of Who Are Better Than John Mayer.”

Some great tributes around the 5:30 and 9:20 marks.

Sunny Afternoon // Crowded House

Spend two minutes of your life on this. You’ll be glad.

XTC - Senses Working Overtime
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Senses Working Overtime // XTC

To hono[u]r the various SST offerings from yesterday. Jiminy Christmas.

Fountains Of Wayne - Hackensack
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Hackensack // Fountains of Wayne

I remember the exact moment I fell in love with the band.

For years, friends of mine were trying to convince me I’d love them, but whatever they’d played for me wasn’t connecting for whatever reason. “Meh,” said I. And then Welcome Interstate Managers—which I now know to be the best album of the 00’s and in my top five all time—came out in 2003. “Stacy’s Mom” was big because of the video with Rachel Hunter, and even that wasn’t connecting. I dunno. (I came around on that one, though.)

One cold day that spring, I was in my car when I heard “Hackensack,” and I was absolutely floored by the heartbroken cluelessness of the narrator. The rendering of this poor bastard was note perfect. Funny, but not mocking; sad, but not maudlin. Collingwood’s unassuming voice and the dim C-minor melody supported the story perfectly.

But it was one lyric that caused me to pull off the road, exultant, as I pounded the steering wheel, knowing that my musical history would be divided forevermore into “before” and “after” from that moment:

I saw you talkin’ to Christopher Walken
On my TV screen

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Just The Way It Is, Baby // The Rembrandts

WXRT featured the year 1990 on their Saturday Morning Flashback today, and it sounded so, so good. This song in particular really transported me. I remember seeing them at Park West that summer.

I could tell you about the deceptively tricky guitar solo or the subversive vocal harmonies or the interesting chord structure and leading tones, but the fact is that I am tired/dehydrated and just had a giant beer with like 8% ABV and I’m deep in a nostalgic reverie. This song happened a shade over half my life ago.

Fountains Of Wayne - I-95
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I-95 // Fountains of Wayne

I learned the other day that the long and lovely kfedup, whose birthday happens to be today, is relatively unfamiliar with Fountains of Wayne. Once I reassembled the pieces of my shattered heart and dried my river of tears, I decided this is something I can help her with. A mission.

Short version: they are the perfect pop band. They’re silly sometimes. But then other times, like on this beauty, they will hit you right in the feels, hard enough to steal some of your breath.

Consider this part one of a series. :-) Happy birthday, K.  <3

Pilaseca - La Fuerza Del Amor
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La Fuerza Del Amor // Pilaseca

Among the hundreds of high moments from my weekend in California was the discovery of this band, Pilaseca, who played my friend Thom’s wedding reception last night. This insanely talented group made the 2+ day trek up from their hometown of San Miguel de Allende, enduring a six-hour customs nightmare along the way. That road trip alone sounds like a screenplay waiting to be written.

What a thrill to hear them seamlessly blend and bend so many genres at once. Reggae, rap, soul, funk, and about six flavors of rock, all deeply infused with different Mexican forms that I recognize but can’t name accurately. This is 21st century music, something undeniably evolved from things familiar and yet very obviously something new, too.

Hell, it made me want to dance, which is saying something very powerful. Their energy was irresistible.

Everclear - Santa Monica
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Santa Monica // Everclear

Yeah, an obvious choice for me today (did I mention I’m going to Santa Monica today? I’m going to Santa Monica. Today.). But I love this song super hard and feel it’s worthy of posting on its substantial merits.

I just wanna see some palm trees
I will try and shake away this disease

Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
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Wherever I May Roam // Metallica

If loving the black album unabashedly means I have to hand in my metal card, so be it.

And the Earth becomes my throne
I adapt to the unknown
Under wandering stars I’ve grown
By myself but not alone

Robbie Fulks - Pretty Little Poison
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Pretty Little Poison // Robbie Fulks feat. Lucinda Williams

Careful. The dark sexual energy of this song can strip paint off of steel.

Indigo Girls - Kid Fears
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Kid Fears // Indigo Girls

Grownupping sucks.

Are you on fire from the years?
What would you give for your kid fears?

Asia - Only Time Will Tell
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Only Time Will Tell // Asia

whatever. shut up. i’m in a place.

Journey - Too Late
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Too Late // Journey

If you want to really understand me as a musician—or, for that matter, as a man, friend, lover, and champion kickboxer—you need do nothing more than listen to Evolution-era Journey.

Yes - Hold On
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Hold On // Yes

Unpopular opinion (in prog circles): 90125 is Yes’ best album. By a lot. Actual songs, with actual choruses and verses and hooks, as opposed to fifteen to twenty minute excursions in pudwhackery? Yes, thank you. (Heh.)

I’m also not a super big fan of Steve Howe as a guitarist. I saw this tour and remember Trevor Rabin stretching out at the end of this and absolutely tearing off every face in the stadium. On this studio version, he only does about 8 bars before it fades, and still manages to get about 1/4 of my face dislodged.