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a half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk

Bonus Truthsday

I’m on the record as being a big fan of taylorswift as a performer, a songwriter, and a woman doing the music biz her own way. I contain multitudes when it comes to pop.

But beyond all that, her tumblr is just super adorable…she’s clearly doing it herself (except when she’s not, and those posts are marked), interacting with her fans, having fun. She gets it. She does memes. It’s endearing.

(And no, I’m not creeping. She’s way closer to my daughter’s age than mine. Get your mind out the gutter.)

((But Taylor, if you see this and need a really solid, experienced guitarist for studio work or touring, holla.))

The Tuesday thing

My problems are huge and intractable; my problems are tiny and trifling.

All at once.

tee tee


Michele wrote something this morning that really grabbed me. Read it all, but this part really spoke especially loudly:

You never know what people are carrying around. You don’t know everyone’s burdens. People you think have it together aren’t always as together as you imagine. Everyone has their problems. You just never know what is going on in a person’s life unless they are willingly sharing it with you. So as you go through your day, just remember that nearly everyone carries some kind of burden. Treat people gently. Be kind to each other. Mean it when you ask “how are you?” and listen with your heart when they tell you. You may have your own cross to bear, but sometimes it’s necessary to put your own cross down and take up someone else’s. Make it lighter for them. Walk with them. Hold their hand. You never know what someone is going through. 

So, so true. Especially, I think, in social media venues where it’s quite easy to portray one’s life in unrealistically positive ways. There’s so much unseen suffering all around us. In recent years, I’ve been trying harder to do what she suggests—to be kinder, to empathize more, or in some cases, just to not be a flaming jerk. I think I’m doing better, but that’s really for others to say.

As I thought about all this today, though, an unfortunately corollary appeared in my mind. Sometimes, we are the least kind to those whose struggles we know the most about. We are often at our most unkind with those we love. That needs to change, too. Those closest deserve that better treatment as much as anyone, maybe more. Something to work on.

(I’m saying “we” but I really mean “I.” But maybe it applies to you, too.)

the whole and nothing but


The random cornstalk growing in the middle of a soybean field—sickly, yellow, stunted, unwanted, the result of a lost seed, clearly unaware that corn is So Last Year? 

Don’t feel too bad, cornstalk. Soon, someone’s gonna harvest all those beans, too.

I haven’t done one of these in a while


Modern medicine can do two heart transplants on a guy and do them so well that he can finish in second place in the world’s most difficult golf tournament.

But show them a kid with mental health challenges, even minor ones, and they’re like, hell, I dunno, what do you think we should try?

quick truths

true enough


True, but whined out like the Spandau Ballet guy

A few troofuses

* note to bad guys: armed house-sitter protocol will be in effect.


I am drawn to apocalyptic fiction and fantasy, as recently alluded. Particularly the human side of it.

It started with reading Nevil Shute’s On The Beach in high school. The premise is that a massively nuclear WWIII has wiped out the northern hemisphere, leaving Australia and New Zealand unscathed. Unfortunately, the radioactive fallout is working its way there and they know the end is coming soon. The story follows a few months in the lives of people there as they prepare for the inevitable end in their own ways. Heartbreaking. There’s no happy ending.

And then in college I discovered one of my desert island books, The Stand. I’m sure I read it the first time on a two-day bender, straight through, without sleeping, showering, or eating anything that didn’t come in shrink wrap. While I love the book as a whole, it’s really the first half where Captain Trips works its way through the population, killing everyone, and the way the survivors coped that gripped me. It was heartbreaking, and if you consider the first movement of the book by itself, there’s no happy ending.

Movies, too. The other night, when I should have been sleeping, I got sucked into Contagion. It was on TBS, so they stretched it into about 4.5 hours. I love Soderbergh, and they actually filmed some of it in my office. Look for a brief shot of an abandoned trading floor, and a fancy conference room with this weird, fake grass on the table. But that’s not what got me. It’s how people bonded together, or didn’t, as the world appeared to be ending. And even lesser movies have had the same effect on me, like Deep Impact. (We can forget about Armageddon, though, except for any scene involving Liv Tyler.) Same deal: even though the apocalypse wasn’t total and there were plenty of survivors, you’d have a hard time arguing those are happy endings. 

I get sucked in every time, like a bug to a black light.

In each of those stories, there is a point where a few elites know the truth before the masses do. There’s usually an effort to conceal the information, but it’s futile. At some point, enough people are dropping dead and the truth is plain to see. That usually goes badly for those elites. Either there’s backlash from the mob, or they get sick, too. Not a happy ending.

Tuesday in my head

Oftentimes when I’m alone in a contained crowd—on this train, in a bar, at the store—I game out what would happen if the group of strangers I was with at that moment were somehow suddenly, permanently isolated together. Say, transported via a wormhole, or maybe the only survivors of an instant cataclysm. In a flash, we are the last people on the planet, and we have to decide how (or if) we are going to survive together. What kind of leadership structure would emerge? Who’d be in charge? Anyone here know how to raise food or hunt? Who’s going to be my friend? Who might kill me for sport? What about a possible mate? Anyone know medicine? Who looks like they know how to weld, or repair masonry? Am I a burden or an asset here?

That’s how I brain.