A half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk.

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a half-stack doesn't fit in the trunk


They are putting posts from Recommended Blogs on the dash, like, in the stream? Not just in that thing on the right?

The actual?


It happened again. Apparently tumblr dumped a bunch of you on my behalf. Let me know if you think you were among them.

Anyone else noticing some very long load times for tumblr lately? I caught this one in the act — took over 20 seconds for to respond to the initial GET. Slower than Stephen Hawking on a Tough Mudder course.

Anyone else noticing some very long load times for tumblr lately? I caught this one in the act — took over 20 seconds for to respond to the initial GET. Slower than Stephen Hawking on a Tough Mudder course.



The little spark line next to the Activity link matches the bigger graph at the page.

A lot of people will probably choose to complain about why this got done instead of bug X or bad feature Y or outage Z at this time, and I get that. But that’s kinda like saying we should cancel NASA’s funding until we solve poverty. Tumblr’s big enough to do more than one thing at a time now.

New Theme!

For you civilians who come in from the outside, don’t be alarmed: it’s a new theme. Still working out some kinks, most notably Disqus comments being down. I’m tweaking colors and the header, too.

It’s the “write” theme from a company called Neverbland. We’ll see how responsive they are to questions.

So has anyone figured out if/how the new music player can be added to a template/theme so civilians can see it, too?

administrative note

I know for a fact that people are hitting ask boxes and the messages are never arriving. Just tumblr being tumblr LOLZ.

However, their stupid fan mail system seems to work more reliably. Use that instead, I suggest.

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5

  1. When people say, “but isn’t Tumblr just a bunch of tweens reblogging each other’s pictures of One Direction?” I argue and say, “no, it’s much more! It’s a social blogging platform. There are lots of ways to use it!” But then I see this, and it becomes clear that the powers that be here see it as identically and exactly a bunch of tweens reblogging each other’s pictures of One Direction, and they have zero interest in any other use cases.
  2. So, I can take a hint. I’ll be setting up a Wordpress for my thoughts about stuff more pressing than One Direction, thoughts which I have about 3 times a year. It’s a mistake to use any software too much against the grain of the intentions of the creators. Only pain and misery line that path.
  3. I’ll keep this for pics and shenanigans. I’ll still be around as usual, hearting you whorishly, and being generally stunned and amazed by the characters here. I’m not going anywhere. I like One Direction as much as the next 46-year-old suburban dad. Don’t want to miss it!
  4. Why is it that social media entrepreneurs are so universally hell bent on destroying their products? Can anyone think of a mature medium that’s better now than it was a year ago?
  5. Speaking of entrepreneurs, I am getting some things going here. Not in social media, though. Those people are nuts.

note for Disqus (rhymes with “disgust”) users

If you have Disqus comments enabled on your tumblr, and odds are you do, then you may want to take a look at a recent change they implemented. If you look at an individual post on your blog, down below the comments, you may see links to other people’s content under a “Recommended For You” header.

First up on mine was a link to celeb puff piece about Jenny McC****y. I assure you, the only time that asshole’s name will appear on any content of mine will be when she’s finally hauled into court and charged with the thousands of counts of murder she so richly deserves for her idiotic, appalling, anti-science jihad against immunization. That will be a day to celebrate. Sadly, we’re not there yet.

So I had an angry. Got ragey. But the good news is, you can turn these off. You can go to the Disqus settings, click on the Discovery tab, and turn it off. Note that they probably set this horror show up for you by default, without your opt-in. While turning it off, I got a whole bunch of “omg I can’t believe you’d do this!” type javascript, but, yeah, Disqus, I’m extremely sure. Fuck you and your asshat link spam fuckery.


Administrative note

Ask box messages appear to be arriving only sporadically. I have confirmation that one was sent today and I never saw it; there are probably others. I also assume this is not just tumblr out to get me and this is likely happening all over. (Super glad they delivered the Highlight This Post feature, though.)

I have no idea if their insipid, recent post-it note email thingy is also afflicted.

Anyway, caveat scriptor.


~ Your Freedom To Use Your Browser Is Under Attack ~

Tumblr’s Terms of Service hasn’t changed yet. So please read and help out!

The Tumblr staff recently requested feedback on updates they will be making to their policies. They specifically mention one of their goals is to prevent the promotion of self-harm. However, their updated Terms of Service includes something a lot less laudable.

Unable to find the required avenues to stop developers from creating and distributing browser extensions that enhance the way you use Tumblr and not getting enough of a response to their scary warning campaign, they now seem to be preparing the groundwork for coming after users of these extensions.


As disheartening and awful as this is for users of Missing-e and similar, this actually has far larger potential ramifications. Tumblr is, by any measure, a major player in this space. What they do will be watched, and, if successful, probably copied.

They want to dictate what you do in your own browser on your own computer, the one in your home, after the data has been received there via the Internet provider you paid for. For the entire history of internetworking protocols, it’s been generally understood that once something goes out on the wire, it’s not under the sender’s control anymore. They have a different view.

Remember how agitated we got when Congress wanted to screw with how DNS worked? It’s about like that, except of course it’s a private company, not the gummint.

This is a bad one, gang.

UPDATE: tumblr has issued a clarification that they specifically do not intend to go after plugin users.

On anger management and social media

My name is John Scholvin and I have an anger problem.

Along with rugged good looks and luxurious, silvery hair, I inherited a vicious temper from my dad. I wish it could have been his jump shot or golf swing, but instead, it’s the ability to go from idle to redline in a couple of milliseconds.

I’ve been working on managing it for twenty years. My anger has damaged me personally and professionally. It’s something I have to be continually aware of to subdue. I’ve become pretty good at keeping it under control over the years. Part of it is probably just age and a natural change in my endocrine chemistry. Beyond that, I have techniques for quelling the rage when it rises, techniques which work well if I apply them early enough. That’s tricky: when it happens, it happens fast, and when it gets to a certain point, there’s no dialing back.

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Oh man: 4 notes but only 3 whodunit bars. Someone&#8217;s in hidden tumblr purgatory.
Stop berating plugin developers and fix your shit, tumblr.

Oh man: 4 notes but only 3 whodunit bars. Someone’s in hidden tumblr purgatory.

Stop berating plugin developers and fix your shit, tumblr.

The future is not bright for ‘Missing e’


I attempted to discuss options through which we could work together on making Missing e something they would accept, but after initial positive statements, they seemed fairly averse to the idea. Their intent is for me to stop distribution of Missing e in any form.

On behalf of all who have developed software professionally, and of all who have led entrepreneurial efforts, I am profoundly embarrassed at what the staff of Tumblr is doing in this matter.

This has moved way past any sort of legitimate technical argument about use of their API and into the realm of sour grapes. Cutlerish made their product substantially better, for free, and their egos apparently can’t handle it. I see no other explanation for this petty vindictiveness.

Absolutely shameful. They’re a blight on my profession.